Our Heritage Report Wins National Award

L-R: Don Scott and Peter Stewart from George Robb Architect, Wendy Shearer, David Cuming and Nick Bogaert from MHBC Planning Limited

You should be proud of your RCA Executive. All its hard work into pioneering a report which proves the cottages in Rondeau are part of the region’s cultural heritage has won an award recently.

The recent report, commissioned by the Rondeau Cottagers’ Association entitled “Rondeau – A Cultural Heritage Landscape”, received the Heritage Planning Award from the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals (CAHP) at the Heritage Canada Foundation’s annual conference in Montreal on October 11, 2012.

The team of consultants that authored the report was in Montreal to receive the award. CAHP is a national organization of professionals from a variety of disciplines who are primarily involved in heritage conservation matters.

The objective of the awards program is to recognize and celebrate excellence in the work of CAHP members and promote understanding and appreciation of our cultural heritage. The Heritage Planning Award recognizes excellence in heritage conservation and land use planning.

George Robb Architect and MHBC Planning Limited reviewed the legislative framework from the 1894 Act that established the Park through to the more recent Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports Standards and Guidelines for Conservation of Provincial Heritage Properties, 2010 and the Ministry of Natural Resources own Technical Guideline for Cultural Heritage Resources…for MNR Resource Stewardship, 2006.

The current Ministry of NaturalResources Rondeau Provincial Park Management Plan of 1991, that recommends the termination of all cottage leases and removal of all cottage buildings by 2017, was shown to be out of step with contemporary legislation that promotes conservation of our cultural heritage resources.

The consultant team assessed both the natural and cultural resources at Rondeau and concluded that Rondeau Provincial Park, including the cottage community, is a cultural heritage landscape of provincial significance. The team is of the opinion that the built heritage resources and the cultural heritage landscape at Rondeau should be conserved, protected and appropriately managed in perpetuity for the citizens of the Province of Ontario.

Let’s just hope this award and the report turns into a very long lease extension.

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