Enjoying Rondeau in January

We have the luxury of visiting and staying overnight in our Lakeshore Drive cottage all year long. It’s only a 2 hour drive from our home in Stratford, so I took 2 girlfriends with me  on a weekend in January. We cranked the heat, wore wooly socks and with a stack of chick flicks we enjoyed a wonderful get away.

Yes, we DID venture out and treked along South Point Trail (and I have the photo to prove it!). Rondeau is beautiful every season.  Even without fluffy snow on the ground we enjoyed a lovely wind swept walk on the beach along the trail. The only wild life we saw all weekend was a large buck who decided to leap across the road right in front of my car, and RCA member Brian French!

May 2-4 isn’t that far away! Until then, enjoy what you can of Rondeau.

– Elizabeth Cooper

Photos: Thanks to Sherry and Susan for posing. 



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