You Can’t Get There From Here…

Trees Blocking Trail

What’s the most popular “trail” in Rondeau Provincial Park?

Surprise! It’s not the Tulip Tree Trail, Spicebush Trail, or even the Marsh Trail.

The most popular trail in Rondeau is the age-old, well-worn path that leads from the campgrounds to the Bayview Market.
Or at least it was, until the first week of July. When Rondeau Superintendent Rick Post ordered it blockaded with huge logs and a giant pile of rotting tree branches.

One wonders how barricading the quickest way from the campground to an ice cream cone (forcing campers to walk several hundred metres more) complies with Section 4.4 of Rondeau’s Official Management Plan to “…emphasize co-operative contact with the local business community to encourage Rondeau Park visitors to take advantage of other locally available services & attractions outside the park” while also “…emphasizing hospitality services for tourists & visitors.”
It doesn’t. But then, as we’re frequently reminded, it’s not our provincial park… it’s his.

Marketing Plan Excerpt

The timing of this blockade is likewise suspicious.  After being used for years, Mr Post decided to barricade this popular shortcut to the Bayview Market just days after the Bayview’s owners showed their support for Rondeau’s cottage community with a message on their store sign…

Park Sign Outside of Rondeau Park

The RCA is disgusted by this outrageous decision to block the shortcut to the Bayview Market.  By doing so, Mr Post has proven yet again that he won’t let any pesky Park Management Plan interfere with his petty anti-cottage agenda.

His message to local businesses is clear:  Don’t support your Rondeau neighbours.