Species At Risk? Not Here!

From the “Ontario Recovery Strategy Series: Common Five-lined Skink”, published in September 2010 by the Ministry of Natural Resources:

  • “The Common Five-lined Skink also appears to be relatively numerous at Rondeau Provincial Park…”
  • “Common Five-lined Skink abundance at Rondeau Provincial Park appears stable…”
  • “The removal of woody debris may force skinks to re-locate, but may also reduce nesting success if nesting cover objects are removed while females are brooding their eggs…”

Ignoring scientific research and the advice of their own experts, Ontario Parks relentlessly continues to destroy the habitat that Rondeau’s species at risk have called home for decades. This narrow wooden boardwalk that provided shelter for our dune-dwelling friends was hastily ripped-out by park staff in May 2011. Does this boardwalk appear to be harming the environment to you? One homeless family of skinks sure misses it!