Something’s Rotten in Sandbanks…

Advertisement for a Cottage for Sale in SandbanksThis lovely little cottage sits within Sandbanks Provincial Park, near Kingston. Like Rondeau, Sandbanks is a Natural Environment Park. Unlike Rondeau, this cottage is now considered part of the surrounding county despite being located within the gates of a long-established provincial park.

This precedent-setting land transfer agreement was reached in May 2010. All 22 cottages in Sandbanks Provincial Park are now located on privately-owned land inside the park. They pay their taxes to Prince Edward County. Period.

For generations, Rondeau’s leaseholders have been told our cottages must inevitably be demolished because private cottages do not belong in provincial parks. Ontario Parks long claimed Rondeau was “the exception to the rule”. However the evidence says otherwise. At least a dozen other provincial parks now have cottages within their borders. If Rondeau is “the exception to the rule”, it’s only because cottages are embraced & welcomed everywhere else.

  • They said our cottages weren’t permanent.
    • They’ve stood for over a century.
  • They said our cottages pollute the water.
    • Scientific sampling proved they don’t.
  • They said our cottages harm park wildlife.
    • MNR biologists proved they don’t.
  • They said cottages don’t belong in provincial parks.
    • Evidently… yes they do.

The Ontario government has now dragged this out for over 50 years. Our grandparents were sick & tired of talking about it. The uncertainty and inconsistency dooming our tiny community’s future has gone on long enough.

The Rondeau Cottagers Association calls on Premier Dalton McGuinty and Minister of Natural Resources Linda Jeffrey to treat Rondeau’s families with the same dignity, respect, and compassion shown to the families of Sandbanks Provincial Park. It is time to give our families the same security of tenure.
It’s always been the right thing to do. Now it’s also the fair thing to do.