More on the 2013 AGM and Photos

The RCA Board of Directors want to thank all the members who attended the AGM on July 7th at Morpeth Hall.  It was a wonderful turn out and a record number of memberships were paid up. We now have over 200 RCA members!

President Dr. David Colby, along with Vice-President Brian French, gave us hope that we would all receive our lease extension. Also speaking was Secretary Mike Newell and Treasurer Len Copeland.

The opening “Animal House” bit (and our subsequent charge to the stage) was an especially effective way to kick-off the morning! It very effectively communicated our overall optimism despite our ongoing frustration.

Guest speakers were our lawyer David Kirwin, who addressed our attempt to get a Heritage designation among other items, and MPP Rick Nicholls who assured us he would do all he could to get our leases extended beyond 2017. Why?  “Because it is the right thing to do,” he told the crowd in the hall.

Many questions were fielded by all speakers and a Q and A followed the adjournment of the meeting.


Here are some photos of the morning:

Dr. Dave Colby, RCA President

Dave Kirwin

MPP Rick Nicholls

RCA Vice President Brian French

Your 2013 Board of Directors