Message from your RCA Vice-President – Brian French

It has been an unseasonably warm January in Rondeau with lots of rain and very little snow.  It has also been an unseasonably busy fall & winter for those of us on the RCA Executive.

First off, I will apologize if you sent an email to the RCA in the last 2-3 weeks.  I took a (rare) January vacation and enjoyed a fantastic Carnival cruise with my brother and his extended family, followed by a few extra days in sunny Florida.  I did not allow myself to have internet access on the cruise ship and unfortunately the internet service at my resort after the cruise was down.  So altogether I went almost two weeks without checking the RCA email!  At the same time, Dr Dave was on a cushy teaching assignment at a medical school in the Caribbean and Mary Margaret took a week’s vacation as well.  But now everyone is back home and back to work — my cruise ship arrived safely back in port (and apparently continues to float, touch wood), Dr Dave is back at work again, as is Mary Margaret.  And so we’re all well-rested and back to the daily demands of the RCA….



Some members were a bit confused by our membership dues request mailed via Canada Post during the middle of the month.  To clarify, everyone received the same “generic” invoice form — irregardless of your current membership payment status.  As only about one-quarter of our members attend our AGM in July, many members in good standing (especially those without email) were not aware that Treasurer Len Copeland’s motion to increase our annual membership dues from $125 to $175 had been passed.  Likewise, the approval to seek a $200 Levy to boost our bank balance after funding the very expensive legal & political battle opposing the MNR’s ill-conceived 2038 Proposal.

So to confirm & clarify, our membership year is the calendar year and we ask that all members pay their dues as early in the year as possible.  Many members typically run a year behind and we’ve never penalized them for that;  roughly half our members still owe $125 for 2011 and almost everybody now owes $175 for 2012 plus the $200 Levy requested for 2012.  So in plain English, lots of people owe us $500 ($125 + $175 + $200 Levy) and almost everybody owes $375 ($175 + $200 Levy).

If you have already paid we thank you sincerely.  If you have not, please do so as soon as you can.  I know it’s a lot of money, and I know that family members far-afield often share cottage expenses and that can take time to organize.  But even a partial payment is appreciated — especially if your 2011 dues have not yet been paid.  You can pay (in part or in full) on our website with a credit card;  it uses the PayPal service to process the payment securely but you do NOT need any special PayPal account or password.  You can also call Mary Margaret McDonald in our Ridgetown Business Office and pay via credit card over the phone.   To pay your dues via credit card over the telephone please call Mary Margaret McDonald at 519 674-1500 x63592.

To pay your dues via “snail mail” please send a cheque to:

Rondeau Cottagers’ Association
c/o Ag Business Centre at Mitton House
Ridgetown College
120 Main Street East
Ridgetown, Ontario
N0P 2C0

Finally, if you, your family, or your guests have had any “concerning” encounters with Mr Post (or any other park staff) we’d love to hear about them in detail.  This is not a witch-hunt, in fact it’s not even about cottagers vs. the MNR.  It’s about the sorry state of the park we love.  The fact is our Superintendent is not doing his job and the entire park environment is suffering because of it.  He spends 99% of his time on the 1% of the park where this is no problem.  Meanwhile Rondeau’s public areas look shameful.  Weeds growing over roads.  Poison ivy everywhere.  Rotting tree trunks dumped in front of cottages.  Warning signs sprouting-up everywhere.  And worst of all, an intense feeling of frustration & negativity that I’ve never experienced before.  So if you’ve been spoken-to by Mr Post, corresponded with him, or been pulled-over while driving, biking, or walking please let the RCA know.  Your privacy will be absolutely respected.  Mr Post is killing everything we love about Rondeau — including the enjoyment.

Never forget — parks are for people, too.

– Brian French, RCA Vice President