Meet Rondeau’s Candidates…

The future of our cottages and our entire community is on the ballot October 6th.

Voters in Ontario are about to decide who will form the next provincial government. The Chatham-Kent Essex riding will be won by one of the three candidates shown below. The RCA is working to bring Rondeau’s concerns to the forefront of this election both locally & provincially, but there’s still something you can do to help us.

If you’re talking to a candidate in this (or any other) riding ask them…

  • Do they support demolishing an entire century-old heritage community?
  • Do they support bulldozing Chatham-Kent’s largest international tourist draw?
  • Do they support removing $390,000,000 from our economy over the next 50 years?
  • Do they support forcing an unfair lease extension offer on Ontario’s taxpayers?


  • Do they support preserving our tiny cottage community as a unique model of environmental stewardship, just as it has been for over one hundred years?