Ignoring Their Own Safety Rules…

In 2004 the MNR wrote a book to show rural residents how to stay safe from wildfires… but sadly it seems Superintendent Post hasn’t read it yet.

The fire safety rules for everywhere else in Ontario:

The fire safety rules for Rick Post’s Rondeau:

Why is Rondeau Superintendent Rick Post allowed to defy Ministry of Natural Resources own fire protection rules by:

  • Deliberately dumping dead trees near cottages?
  • Blocking fire truck access to the lake?
  • Prohibiting grass cutting near cottages?
  • Preventing the raking of dead leaves near cottages?

Many cottagers have also expressed concern that the recent closing of Rondeau Road south of Bennett Road means half of Rondeau — including the Visitor Centre — has only one way out of the park in an emergency.  And fire trucks have only one way in.  Potentially a very dangerous situation.

The RCA demands that Rondeau adhere to the fire protection rules published by the MNR.  To allow Superintendent Post to continue dumping fuel sources near cottages and blocking park roads is reckless & irresponsible — like playing with fire.