Caught on Camera

Driftwood Sculpture Destroyed by Park Superintendent

Welcome Newspaper Readers!   Unfortunately the video mentioned in the news story was removed from YouTube on Tuesday evening due to a “privacy complaint” filed by someone depicted in the video.  The RCA has appealed YouTube’s decision on public interest grounds and we hope it will reappear here shortly.  To send an email to the Rondeau Cottagers Association please click here.

Is This What Provincial Park Superintendents Are Hired To Do?

The RCA has received more complaints about Superintendent Rick Post’s officious attitude & bizarre behaviour in his first year on the job than from all previous park superintendents combined.

And here’s a good example why.

On Saturday July 16th Superintendent Post went for a stroll on the beach in front of the South Point cottages. He came upon a few pieces of driftwood leaned-up together, forming a primitive-looking artistic creation. Evidently he didn’t like it; he knocked it over and haphazardly hurled the driftwood across the beach as several dumbfounded children & their parents watched.
Remember when only bullies with anti-social personality disorders walked along the beach smashing other kids’ sandcastles?

Oh and by the way, the RCA has located the job description for Rondeau Provincial Park Superintendent and we can’t find “Destroying Driftwood Creations” anywhere in it. (Although Mr Post might do well to review Section 3 — especially the parts about “Building relationships with the broad community” and “Effectively communicating MNR direction”.)

As proven by this video, Mr Post has been doing neither.